Monday, March 15, 2010

From this, to all of these....

Another wedding floral class... I had forgotten about the time change so I was running late and very hungry. This week we tackled a taller centerpiece and were given ferns, amaranthus, seeded eucalyptus and various other greens and flowers to cover our floral foam (Oasis). It was amazing to see what everyone came up with, with all the subtle variations of grouping, height and color.

I would love to go to the Flower Mart downtown to grab some more flowers to play with, as there could be some great ways to use the forms of Ikebana with this traditional design. I do appreciate how Ikebana really let each flower stand alone and shine as these arrangements tend to be more of an explosion of flora and don't really spotlight any particular flower or their stems. Perhaps someday I'll find a way to bring both styles together.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Prom Season At Our Place

Of course I'd be honored to go with K as my date, but really it's nothing so formal. Instead, it's about corsages, boutineers and wristlets as I had my first Wedding Floral Design class today. Understandably, the flowers were not what I would have wanted for a client, and the bows and filler were a mish-mash of what have you for the sole purpose of practicing the technique. Still, it was interesting to see the amount of work that those little things hanging off a lapel entail, and we all had our fingers coated in the stickiness of flower tape, tacky glue spray and glitter. It was a lot of fun seeing what everyone came up with, and we ourselves were a motley crew of planners, brides-to-be and floral voyeurs. Everyone had their strengths and we all laughed at the frustration of learning something new.

For my His and Hers creations, I used white and pink roses with a small carnation, black tulle and silver ribbon. Making the bow was probably the hardest part and I'm still not really in love with how it turned out, but for a first run, I think it could be okay for a sophomore homecoming dance. You'd still have two years to show up with something better...