Friday, January 08, 2010

I'm watching Julie and Julia and I love the fact that even Julia Child struggles with what to do with her time, and attempts to do things that would be suitable for a housewife only to realize that whatever is "suitable" usually never suits us. I think sometimes our fun gets inhibited by doing what we're supposed to, the sorts of things that would be respectable when written in our profile section under "Interests". I've tried crocheting, golf, reading Booker Prize winning novels, scrap-booking, Chess and yoga and it turns out I don't like them. In another twist of weirdness, I've found that the less prepared I am for an activity, the more I enjoy it. I have a tennis racket that's been used once, as well as tap and ballet shoes that have only been to dance class once. But barefoot in my living room or trying to point my toes in a pair of cross-trainers seems to work the best, perhaps because I'm not planning on fun. Perhaps when we see what makes others happy, we imagine it will do the same for us, and feel a bit awkward when it doesn't turn out. Sometimes I wish there was a Google search for ways to fill my days with wonderfully informative and interesting things.

On a side note, inspired by this film I opted to wait an hour and bake a potato rather than resorting to the potato button on the microwave. Aside from the fact that the microwave doesn't make the skin crispy and depletes it of nutrients, the idea that I, an Idahoan, would nuke a potato seemed sacrilegious. Bon appetit!!