Sunday, March 07, 2010

Prom Season At Our Place

Of course I'd be honored to go with K as my date, but really it's nothing so formal. Instead, it's about corsages, boutineers and wristlets as I had my first Wedding Floral Design class today. Understandably, the flowers were not what I would have wanted for a client, and the bows and filler were a mish-mash of what have you for the sole purpose of practicing the technique. Still, it was interesting to see the amount of work that those little things hanging off a lapel entail, and we all had our fingers coated in the stickiness of flower tape, tacky glue spray and glitter. It was a lot of fun seeing what everyone came up with, and we ourselves were a motley crew of planners, brides-to-be and floral voyeurs. Everyone had their strengths and we all laughed at the frustration of learning something new.

For my His and Hers creations, I used white and pink roses with a small carnation, black tulle and silver ribbon. Making the bow was probably the hardest part and I'm still not really in love with how it turned out, but for a first run, I think it could be okay for a sophomore homecoming dance. You'd still have two years to show up with something better...


Rocky said...

Never underestimate the usage of a good corsage when taking a date to a fast food joint after moving hopping.
The pictures are very beautiful.