Friday, October 16, 2009

My first attempt at Ikebana. There is such a beautiful artistic method and sort of meditation to creating these arrangements. The display honors the design and space surrounding each flower or plant instead of the color explosion known more frequently here in the West. Our Sensai, Hisako Shohara, instructed us in the "Rising Form" beginning with the placement of the subject, the tallest and most primary flower, the object, which is the second one placed near the front at a 45 degree angle, and the filler. Each element is cut and placed to give support to the subject, but they all stand alone. Although there are certain guidelines for this art form, none of those created in class looked alike.

I really loved the way Ikebana let each flower truly be seen. The harmony and sentiment behind letting each stand on its own form and beauty was akin to how I hope all my friends and family feel. We aren't just roses and babies breath shoved in a vase; we each bring something unique and breath-taking, supporting one another and honoring the beautiful space we fill together. It isn't just our blooms that are worth seeing, but our stems, backsides, the shape we take as we grow and the way we bend and form throughout life that adds depth and grace to what we make together.

On a humorous note: Kaz pointed out that in the film "Lost in Translation" Scarlett Johansson's character, Charlotte, begins studying Ikebana to ease her boredom while her husband is at work and where she contemplates leaving him. After one class, I am only inspired to leave Kaz early enough in the morning to check out the downtown flower market.


Kimball said...

It's so nice to see a flower arrangement that has air to it. I am so bored with the overstuffed vases we see everyday in our stores, floral or otherwise. I think the negative space is just as important as the flowers themselves. Fantastic job! ^_^

Anonymous said...

That is so pretty. I saw the pictures on your Picassa web site and wondered if you had made the garden or if it was a gift. Another talent to take into party planning!!